Kvarner is known for its unique sea gastronomy and some of the best restaurants on the Adriatic coast.




…and fall in love with Mediterranean cuisine with amazing fresh sea food, olive oil and wine.

The environmentally unpolluted Kvarner area is the basis for a rich variety of food and specific type of food: Owning to its Mediterranean and maritime influences, the coastal cuisine is based on fish, sea-food, cephalopods,  lamb, pasta, Mediterranean vegetables and fruit, herbs, olives and olive oil, sheep cheese and wine, as well as  strong drinks – homemade brandies.

Beside the difference between the coastal and highland cuisine, there are differences in the ways of preparing the food among particular microregions. Each island, even each village, prepares food in its own way. The indigenous white wine «Vrbnička žlahtina» from the island of Krk perfectly fits with traditional Kvarner dishes.

Being surrounded by the sea and intact nature, our ingredients are perfect and our Mediterranean cuisine is one of the best in the world.

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